Stage 6: Dulverton to Glastonbury (63m)

Stage 6: Dulverton to Glastonbury (63m)

We’ve made it to

Weather was sunnier and warmer today and once the last of the climbs were out of the way, the cycling was flat alongside the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal and over the Somerset Levels.

Cothay Manor and gardens

We decided on an Airbnb tonight as priorities were a) a healthy meal and b) a washing machine. We haven’t been eating enough of our 5-a-day: too many cooked breakfasts, cake & coffee stops and naughty restaurant meals. Tonight’s spinach & goat’s cheese frittata & salad was much better. We also washed all of our cycling gear properly, instead of by hand in a sink. Hope it all dries by morning!

Chinese laundry

Signing off now as it’s way past our bedtime 21:30 – completely exhausted. Night.

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