Stage 23: Pitlochry to Aviemore (60m)

Stage 23: Pitlochry to Aviemore (60m)

We made it to the Highlands today! Distance to date=993m so distance left=207m

Drumochter Pass – 462m highest point on the National Cycle Network in Scotland

This is our route through The Highlands for our final few stages.

The old A9

We were on this road for 20 miles up and over Drumochter Pass. It’s now traffic-free and used only by cyclists and walkers. We didn’t see another soul on it.

Snow-capped mountain in May

After the pass, we were in The Cairngorms National Park proper. Running out of superlatives for Scotland as this was a stunningly beautiful half of the ride. The landscape suddenly changed scale and we were surrounded by enormous mountains, silver birch forests and heather clad foothills.

Ruthven Barracks

Built in 1719 after the Jacobite rising and later destroyed by the Jacobites on their retreat from the battle of Culloden.

Tonight we are beginning our tasting of the single malt whiskies. We wanted to try Blair Atholl and Speyside as those were the local distilleries we passed today. However, our hotel didn’t have these; we decided to sample Oban and Tallisker to start with. Mmmm slid down very nicely.

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